Asana-Pranayama-Nidra Yoga Session
“Ayurveda Vedanta” - Health and Diet Workshop

Wir laden dich auf eine entspannte Yoga Session am Sonntag den 10. Oktober um 11:00 Uhr ein. Nach einer Mittagspause geht es weiter mit einem Workshop über Ayurvedische Gesundheit und Ernährung.

Was erwartet dich in der Yoga Session (11:00 bis ca. 12:30)?
-Mantra Meditation.
-Sankalpa Dhyana (concentration in a positive resolution)
-Nakshatra Sutra of the day (astrological meditations through sanskrit recitation).
-Yoga Asana session
-Pranayama Session
-Nidra Yoga session

Was erwartet dich danach (13:00 bis ca. 14:45)?
– Ayurvedische Ernährung
– Der Workshop wird auf Englisch gehalten:
Ayurvedic Medicine has been one of the greatest contributions that ancient India has gifted our modern world in terms of healing root causes of disease, preventing sicknesses, promoting healthy life habits, right food combinations, non invasive medicine treatments, emotional/mental understanding of disease and many other generous quality-life-enhancers.

Ayurveda stresses on prevention rather than cancelling consequences of negative life habits.

In this seminar we’ll comprehend how the three physical and subtle constitutions of human body are created, how they affect both positive and negatively and how to balance our own constitution through a balanced foo diet and life habits.

The class will include a personal written test to determine your biological humor (Dosha), your subtle constitution (Guna) as well as a food list sheet to help you determine your personal ayurvedic suggested diet.

No previous knowledge required.
Everyone is welcome!

Geführt von Akrūra Galindo (Ayurveda Astrologe)

Wann? Sonntag, 10.10.2021 um 11:00 Uhr (bis ca. 12:30 Uhr) und von 13:00 bis ca. 14:45

Wo?  MotionRooms Innsbruck

Kosten? Keine. Wenn es dir gefallen hat, gerne eine freiwillige Spende.

हारी ॐ तत् सत्
Hari Om Tat Sat