Sexual Energy

Everything you wanted to know about sexual energy
but were afraid to ask.

Good sex isn’t always about good technique or looks or body type or even chemistry.
Good sex, more often than not, is about energy. The energetic connection and exchange between partners before, during and after sex.

Sometimes this isn’t a problem. Your brain says yes, your body says yes and the result is yes. But, at other times, it is. Your brain says yes, but your body says no. You want to, but you can’t. Your brain says Oh, OK, your body says Oh, OK but the result is not good. Your body gets stressed. Your body gets tight. Your body feels cold. You begin to lose sensitivity. Sex stops being enjoyable. You can’t reach climax. Sex can even become numb. Your body shuts down. Your partner doesn’t do it for you. The sex is wrong. You can’t get what you are looking for, what you need, what your body needs.

The list of things that can go wrong in sex that have nothing to do with technique or attraction can become quite lengthy.

In this two-day seminar, we go through those things by examining the one thing which holds it all together: the connection, the exchange, the energy. Sexual energy.

We start with the basics of sexual energy.
What it is. What is does. What it feels like. Where it comes from. Why some people have more of it than others.

We reveal the natural characteristics of sexual energy and the correct uses of sexual energy, in other words the best ways to use your sexual energy in order to keep it clean and healthy. This is important to understand because it is the incorrect uses of sexual energy, such as using sex to escape loneliness or to dissipate anger that cause most people their dysfunctions in sex.

We look at the effects your partner’s sexual energy can have on you. How your partner’s sexual energy can cause your body to stress, numb or even shut down.

We go through some common misconceptions about sex, such as the sex-love connection and the sex-spirituality connection, both of which cause hurt and damage to your sexual energy.

We look at how something very small in your childhood can often go on to have an enormous effect on your adult enjoyment of sex, such as a parent, a school teacher or a member of the church telling you, when you are six, that sex is dirty. And, of course, we will show you how to reverse the negative effects on you of such an implanted idea from childhood.

And we will, of course, open the class to Q&A’s to help you with answers to any questions you may have relating to your own relationship to sex.

Because of the intimate nature of the content of the workshop, we are limiting the number of participants to a maximum of ten.

Please note: This seminar consists of lectures, energy demonstrations, discussion and Q&A. There is no hands-on sexual contact, massage or activity over the course of the two days.

When? Saturday, 25.03.2023  from 10:00 to 16:00 & Sunday for 10:00 to 14:00

Where?  MotionRooms Innsbruck

Cost? € 250,- 
To register for this seminar, please contact Robert directly at:

Participants will be asked to pay €50 deposit upon registration.
Balance to be paid in full by 17 March 2023.

Robert Henderson
Bank: easybank
IBAN: AT51 1420 0200 1168 8200

Robert Henderson has been teaching and practicing energy work and energy healing for over twenty years. During that time, he has dealt with all aspects of energy, including emotional energy, mental energy, familial energy, ancestral energy, spiritual energy and sexual energy. He is the author of two books on the subject: Emotion and Healing in the Energy Body and It’s All My Parents’ Fault.

In his one-to-one work with clients, he has worked to successfully heal hurts and release blockages in these energies and it is this immense, combined depth of practical experience and understanding that he brings to this seminar.